Workflow Digital Pathology

C-Path offers multiple entry and exit points to its workflow that covers the entire process of pathological assessments: from sample preparation to expert analysis!

Why digital?

Pathology expertise is becoming a scarce resource so we should help pathologists focus on where their expertise matters!

80% of the time that is spent by expert pathologists is actually spent on looking at slides where there is nothing to report. Meet AI, your companion pathologist.

Connect to a global network of experts

Digital transformation of physical slides opens up the doors to multiple possibilities of remote workflows.

Whether it is easy access to data from wherever you are, managing your image libraries with smart technologies, or quality control by a global network of experts, advantages of digital pathology are simply too many to ignore.

Check out this AI use case with PKD drug development example.

Multiple entries

C-Path’s flexible workflow enables multiple entry and exit options.

Starting from animals, fresh or paraffin embedded samples, or even the digitized images, C-Path’s experts provide you reliable image processing, image analysis, or QC help. If you wish so, your samples and data can also be stored long term.

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