A web-based portal featuring click and select pathology services that fit your project needs, backed by digital pathology and algorithms to improve turnaround times and accuracy.
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Your allinclusive pathologist assistant on standby

Centralize your pathology tasks: 

Tx-Connect puts researchers in control with a centralized system that provides seamless integration between the functions of a LIS and a comprehensive digital pathology workflow. No need for new software integrations, our web-based platform centralizes your activities. 

24/7 Access:

Researchers can order tests, trace the progress of their request, view the high-resolution results, and collaborate with experts, all from their online client profile. Reduce inefficiencies of laboratory hardware that does not integrate and never compromise on accuracy. 

tx-connect histopathology steps

Single point access to your histopathology services & data

How Tx-Connect works for you

Confidence in your data

Through deep learning, machine learning, access to niche expertise and second opinions you can be sure your data is reliable, meaningful, and secure.

Improve productivity

Our methodical system provides standardized and quality managed workflows that eliminate human error and increase the speed of processing.

Easy to use interface

Acquire full control over the services you need when you need them. With our “login and go” setup you can choose which services you need with flexible options. 

Cost effective data storage

By centralizing the storage of your data with our scalable storage options you gain transparent access to rapid review of data with automated scanning and data sharing. 

Advanced features.

Human support.

Deeper insights, enhanced accuracy with faster turnaround times 

Supporting your work is our number one priority. With dedicated tech and project support, data security and quarterly satisfaction check-ins, we make sure of it. We provide reliable and quality services that ensure business continuity with our clients. Our offerings are completely flexible and scalable solutions that are conducted with highly trained experts that work for you.

Purpose built for streamlining histopathology


Workflow Efficiency

Supported by digital pathology and an optimized laboratory layout our operations save you time whilst increasing the accuracy of your results


Industry Standard Equipment

Increase efficiency and standardization with automated IHC and special staining, using the industry-standard Roche Venata.


Quality Control

Quality control checks allow you to follow the progress of your request, create audit logs and give you role-based access control (RBAC).

Algorithm Plugins

Integrated algorithms to build automated workflows and slide analysis. We also have a growing portfolio of AI applications. 


Rich Staining Portfolio

Choose from over 100 validated IHC biomarkers to efficiently progress research with flexible requests for new additions.

Data Transparency

Track and trace unique barcode system enables access to image status reports and continuous updates via your digital portal.

Scalable & customized

Tx-Connect offers integrated technology and histopathology services that support your project needs whilst expanding and adapting to the work you do. We grow with you and offer flexible, click and select services paired with a cost that reflects only paying for what you need.

We facilitate a number of customized services by leveraging our network of providers to provide the exact services you need.

team of pathologists
Tx-Connect user interface

Book an intro call

If you’re curious to see how Tx-Connect can integrate into your current workflow and help increase your laboratory’s efficiency, book a call and we will guide you through the portals easy to navigate interface and the step by step of how it can work for you.  

Tx-Connect will provide efficiency from day one. Simply submit your request when you need, accept the proposed quote, or send amendments then send us your samples. It’s an uncomplicated and streamlined process that gives you transparent access to the progress of your request and data. 

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Curious about pricing and where our digital services can step in? Reach out today – We’d be happy to answer any questions.


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