Three new products from the ROCHE Platform have been selected and will be a further addition to the recently relocated and quickly growing digital pathology company.

Connected-Pathology has purchased 3 new ROCHE products. The new equipment includes; The BenchMark ULTRA, the DISCOVERY ULTRA, and the BenchMark Special Stains. The additional equipment comes after the company’s announcement to relocate to a larger facility within the BioVille incubator located in Diepenbeek.

The two pieces of equipment from the ULTRA line focus on automatically staining histological specimens on microscope slides with specific immunohistochemistry or in situ hybridization reagents. Following an internal revalidation process, the BenchMark ULTRA IHC/ISH System can provide over 250 ready-to-use assays process, which will be made available to Connected-Pathology clients after thorough reverification after installation, ensuring a broader testing capability for customers.

The DISCOVERY ULTRA System was selected on its ability to remain flexible in the development of assays, further affirming Connected-Pathology’s position as a flexible service provider. With this additional capability for tailored assay development, the company is setting the foundation for future expansion into IF, (F)ISH, RNA scope and multiplex immunohistochemistry analyses.

“The new equipment was assessed on its ability to integrate into the existing digital workflows of Connected-Pathology along with its potential to further improve the consistency and speed at which slides are processed.” Explains the project manager for Connected-Pathology, Winde Beerden. “The selected machines from ROCHE will fully automate the processes of deparaffinization and staining, increasing the company’s processing capacity and improving the accuracy and turnaround times of current and future research projects of our clients.”

Connected-Pathology focuses on creating a synergy between technology and laboratory analyses. By adopting cutting edge techniques, systems and equipment, the company supports industry innovators and brings promising research closer to clinical trials. The addition of the ROCHE equipment and software has significantly improved the company’s offering of functionally integrated services that accelerate research with the foundation being laid for an expansion in the laboratory’s analysis capabilities.


About Connected-Pathology:

Founded in 2021, Connected-Pathology allows CRO’s, biotech’s, pharmaceutical companies, and academic organizations to focus on understanding the complexities of their research and less on the operations. We offer end-to-end histopathology assessments and a flexible workflow that allows our customers to outsource the service and support level needed. The combining of assessment services such as immunohistochemistry, spatial distribution, ‘omics’ services, assay validation, cytokine analysis, and pathologist assessments with our in-house operational tools allow our laboratories to offer functionally integrated services that accelerate our customers’ research.