Benefits of digitization, AI, and smart algorithms play a central role in C-Path’s offerings. Our very own digital expert Wim Tiest recently gave a talk at the Grow into AI Health Edition live seminar. He explained how AI can help solve the very real issues pathologists are facing today. Organised by DSP valley along with Flanders.Health and AI4Growth, this year’s event focused on AI in healthcare and providing trustworthy technology-based solutions. 

One of the main issues Wim addressed is the ever increasing turnaround times and cost of histopathological services due to the decreasing number of new pathologists entering the industry. In order to allow the expertise of pathologists to be applied where it is most needed, C-Path is introducing technologies that can help solve this.

You can watch the brief presentation Wim gave below.


By attending events like this and speaking with industry leaders, we aim to learn from the best and stay informed on the issues the health industry is facing and how we can adopt innovative methods to benefit our clients. 

Our AI Offerings:
C-Path has the ability to solve some of the most common problems pathologists are facing today.

  • Digital technologies: Enhanced efficiency and scale, accuracy and reliability. Requiring less time & resources
  • Automated workflows: Broad selection of clinically validated stains & methods
  • Clinical consulting: Supporting your research projects with clinical insights
  • Data storage: Data-management and long term storage solutions
  • Logistics: Transportation and block/slide-storage services

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