New Tx-Connect platform connects researchers with a cutting-edge digital pathology workflow for outsourced histopathology projects 

Diepenbeek, Belgium: Connected-Pathology announces the launch of Tx-Connect, a first and critical step towards a fully integrated smart platform that connects the logistics of modern digital histopathology with the rich data extracted by the combined efforts of AI-powered algorithms and highly expert pathologists. The close integration between sample management and image processing provides a unique setting for big data value extraction.  

Tx-Connect is a fully web-based laboratory information system (LIS) that streamlines outsourced histopathology requests for biotech companies and contract research organizations. The portal provides access to a centralized system that facilitates seamless integration between clickandselect histopathology services and a comprehensive digital pathology workflow. Tx-Connect offers a new way for researchers to unlock the accuracy and speed of digital pathology methods minus the need to purchase or integrate new software or equipment. 

The platform has now completed its final rounds of rigorous testing and provides an unbiased and systematic approach to pathological assessments. For researchers in need of histopathological services the power of a continually expanding number of AI algorithms coupled with niche pathological expertise can accelerate their projects. The platform provides organizations with transparent access to the progress of their projects while they move through the digital workflow. 

Connected-Pathology’s vision for digital pathology is to provide swift and reliable services to biotech’s, pharmaceutical developers and contract research organization’s by bridging clinical experts and preclinical pathologists. Eager to take this concept to the next level, Tx-Connect provides well-orchestrated data collection from outsourced histopathology projects into summarizing reports.  

Pooling digital data for the acceleration of personalized medicines to enter the market formed the backbone and vision for Tx-Connect in becoming a diagnostic companion tool. A crucial step in creating this functionality and enhancing the preclinical research process was the thoughtful development of key features led by pathologists and industry professionals. These additional features include role-based access control, audit logging, smart distribution worklists, and transparent sample tracking amongst others. 

Tx-Connect Benefits

“At Connected-Pathology, we’ve long felt that a digital approach to pathology should form the basis for creating standardization and accuracy within the industry,” explains Wim Develter, Connected-Pathology’s co-founder, and lead pathologist. “With the accessibility to a digital workflow that Tx-Connect provides, we can strengthen the impact histopathology has on accelerating drug development and preclinical research by providing evidence-based care pathways in a time and cost-efficient manner.” 

Tx-Connect as a technology will continue to gain insights and algorithms as it grows from experience. The next module to be released is V-Connect our histopathology digital viewer, which is currently in its final rounds of testing. A seamless integration of these two modules allows for efficient handover of data to our customers and acts as a powerful tool for comprehensive digital pathology assessment and collaboration. 

Tx-Connect is now available for customizable research and laboratory needs. For more detailed information on Tx-Connect’s capabilities, visit Tx-Connect

About Connected-Pathology 

A fast-growing startup, Connected-Pathology offers a variety of histopathology services, in a wide range of therapeutic fields, from POC studies to non-GLP preclinical studies. It also offers consultancy services to hospitals helping them with occasional or structural capacity problems. In-house veterinary and medical pathology expertise forms a bridge between preclinical projects and the clinical use of (personalized) medical technologies and products. 

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