The newly implemented state-of-the-art H&E Dako CoverStainer produced by Agilent will enable further automatization of Connected-Pathology’s H&E staining workflows.

Diepenbeek, Belgium, Feb 1, 2023 – Connected-pathology, a digital histopathology service provider specialized in delivering fast and accurate sample analyses, has purchased a new Agilent machine designed to automate the entire H&E staining process. Integrating the newly purchased Dako CoverStainer into Connected-Pathology’s toolbox provides a high throughput option for our clients in the initial stages of their research. The integration of the Dako CoverStainer is a powerful addition to previous purchases recently made by the company, supporting its increasing capacity as a histopathology service provider.

The Dako CoverStainer enables full automation of every step of the H&E staining process. The automation of baking, dewaxing, and staining, results in a dehydrated, coverslipped and dried slide that is ready for our digitalization step and digital examination by the pathologist within the same day. Automating routine H&E staining protocols will come with considerable time savings, whereby up to 240 slides can be stained per hour. While the Dako CoverStainer already comes with a validated protocol, it leaves a lot of freedom to the user to customise up to 19 different protocols, allowing the Connected-Pathology team to remain flexible in designing additional protocols. A key feature which was prioritised when selecting and integrating new equipment into existing workflows at Connected-Pathology.

“Agilent is a company providing optimised laboratory processes while maintaining the integrity of the data produced. Working alongside a company with similar goals for their customers ensures that their products and equipment are designed to meet our needs as a service provider.” explains Mathias Sellenslagh, Connected-Pathology’s operations manager. “Increasing the capacity of our laboratory’s processing capabilities is a critical step to ensuring we can meet the needs of researchers. With the in-house automation of our very routine H&E staining protocols, we can continue to offer and expand our high-throughput options to our clients and support the earlier stages of research.”

The expanding of digital automation with the Dako CoverStainer ensures that not only does Connected-Pathology provide faster service and increased accuracy for its clients and partners, but it is setting the foundation for validated and quality-assured workflows, while broadening the scope in which it can support preclinical research with the addition of high throughput processing.


About Connected-Pathology:

Founded in 2021, Connected-Pathology allows CRO’s, biotech’s, pharmaceutical companies, and academic organizations to focus on understanding the complexities of their research and less on the operations. We offer end-to-end histopathology assessments and a flexible workflow that allows our customers to outsource the service and support level needed. The combining of assessment services such as immunohistochemistry, spatial distribution, ‘omics’ services, assay validation, cytokine analysis, and pathologist assessments with our in-house operational tools allow our laboratories to offer functionally integrated services that accelerate our customers’ research.