At Connected-Pathology we provide biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical developers, and contract research organizations with swift and seamless access to a digital histopathology workflow. With the recent launch of the Tx-Connect platform, we hope to connect with many new organizations and be a powerful solution provider at this year’s Advanced Therapies Live 2022 

Mathias Sellenslagh will be representing Connected-Pathology in the startup zone at booth S87. This year’s event will be a major step for us in introducing cutting-edge technology to the industry and learning from innovative leaders in improving our own offerings. With Tx-Connect we aim to create a collaborative and transparent outsourcing experience. Our clients have full control over the details of their research while it is being executed by highly expert pathologists and laboratory technicians. Our processes are enhanced by the certainty and accuracy of a digital pathology workflow that benefits our clients in producing cost effective and time efficient use of resources.

How our digital pathology platform can enhance your research:

The release of Tx-Connect has begun the process of forming a fully smart platform that integrates AI algorithms with the knowledge of experienced pathologists to produce accurate and meaningful results. We implement a digital transformation to your workflow bringing you further in your drug development process. Some key functions are listed below and how these may impact your research and accelerate your next steps in reaching your project goals. 

  • Unlock the accuracy and speed of a digital histopathology workflow from a fully web-based and centralized portal 
  • Manage multiple projects and timelines through your client dashboard with a simplified user interface, notifications system and transparent data access 
  • Well-orchestrated reporting tools allow for simplified and streamlined summarizing reports for each project. 
  • Role based access control allows for enhanced security and confidentiality when dealing with sensitive data  
  • Smart distribution worklists ensure your project needs are matched with the correct niche expertise leading to deep and robust results on your samples. 
    Tx-Connect Benefits

    Being a digital platform, Tx-Connect will continue to grow with new modules already being tested and discussed for efficiency and improvement to the industry. Simplify the outsourcing process now with our innovative platform and we hope to see you at Advanced Therapies.