We believe that connecting with like-minded individuals is essential to be able to optimize our offerings and understand our customers’ needs. Conferences such as Knowledge for Growth are the perfect opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss our histopathology services with other startups and life sciences companies.

Connected-Pathology is looking forward to attending this year’s conference, where the novel Tx-Connect platform will be introduced after its launch at the end of last month.

Tx-Connect is a web-based laboratory system (LIS) that provides a state-of-the-art digital pathology workflow for biotech companies and contract research organizations. This integrated platform allows for integration between histopathology and digital pathology services, while granting our customers access to the progress of their projects. Tx-Connect ensures that we preserve accuracy with a standardized digital workflow, which can be used as a powerful tool for accelerating drug development and preclinical research.

Why choose Tx-Connect?

Choosing a streamlined system for histopathology has many advantages compared to traditional histopathology services. This workflow minimizes the risk of human error, maintaining the quality of data and favouring high-quality results, whilst increasing the speed of processing. These results are analysed using both machine learning and human expertise, further improving the reliability of the obtained data. Finally, you can easily access your data freely (which is safely stored) and choose the services you need when you need them.

Tx-Connect user interface

Would you like to learn more about Tx-Connect and how it can be integrated into your current workflow? We encourage you to book a meeting now using Swapcard and get in touch with our Business Development Manager. See you soon!

Missed the event but still interested?