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For convenient and effective results, Connected-Pathology centralises your pathology needs

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Whole slide imaging: deeper and more accurate analyses

Flexible timelines

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AI-assisted pathology assessment and scoring

Processing large volume studies

Routine and customized staining and assay development

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Connected-Pathology is an end-to-end pathology service provider that can take your research from necroscopy to storage with convenient entry and exit points to suit your needs.

Services Overview

Antibody Assay Validation

Highly flexible team of skilled scientific laboratory staff available to perform on-demand assay development requests. Work with Connected-Pathology for;

  • (Novel) antibody validation including provision of correct positive and negative controls
  • (m)IHC & IF and ISH protocol set-up & validation
  • Scientific advice on panel design
  • Validation of custom probes/ab for ISH/IF/IHC applications


Routine automated H&E

  • High volume studies
  • Applicable within various therapetuic areas; oncology, neurodegenerative diseases, toxicology pathology, medical devices etc.
  • Our high-quality standard H&E stain provides a broad insight of various cellular and structural features of in FFPE or fresh frozen tissue.

    Special Stains

    • Special stains allow the identification of lesions such as fibrosis (Masson’s trichrome, sirius red) and microorganisms such as fungi (PAS)
    • Provides additional valuable structure information following initial H&E staining assessment

    special stains

    Single & Multiplex Immunohistochemistry

    • Full ROCHE library of antibodies for specific target antigens allows identification and analysis of tissue distribution of an antigen for detailed insights
    • Multiplex chromogenic IHC allows extensive protein co-localisation (number of target protein depends on the target antigens)
    • Routine and customized single and multiplex immunohistochemistry

      Single & Multiplex Immunofluorescence (IF)

      Extensive protein co-localisation
      • Leveraging the principles of conventional IF together with controlled antigen retrieval and retention steps, with high resolution image recording and superposed imaging results in multiplexed antibody labelling
      • Defined pre-selection of different wavelength fluorochromes ensures the purity in visualisation.
      • Fluorescent detection allows extensive protein co-localisation

        multiplex IHC IF
        multiplex if


        • DNA and RNA based in-situ hybridization (RNAScope & BaseScope) image data analysis
        • Relative spatial distribution of cells and signalling proteins of interest allows the understanding of the complex, native immune tissue microenvironment
        • Understanding of cell-cell interactions and the different activation states of cells


        Connected-Pathology offers customized packages to suit your project needs. With multiple entry and exit points you only pay for exactly what you need to streamline and enhance your project with a validated workflow.

        Our expertise covers the entire pathology assessment process and supports your project from start to finish.

        Learn about our pathology assessment and data sciences solutions that complement digital laboratory services, or contact us to get a customized offer.

        Pathology Assessments

        • Certified in-house veterinary pathologists​
        • Human pathologists
        • Reporting
        • Clinical relevance consulting

        Data Sciences

        • Biological insights enriched by data
        • Operational transparency and management through digital platforms
        • Accuracy and reliability through smart algorithm analysis

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