Data Sciences

 Research Optimization Through Standardized Processes and Automation

Increase your throughput while maintaining cost-effectiveness and scientific integrity

In house LIS system (Tx-Connect)

The proprietary pathology pipeline

A validated LIS system (Tx-Connect) is used to manage all operations from sample tracking to data analysis, allowing the integrated design, conduct and reporting of your selected pathology analyses.

Tx-Connect gives you accurate project oversights with a centralized system that provides seamless integration between the functions of a LIS and a comprehensive digital pathology workflow. No need for new software integrations; our web-based platform centralizes your activities in one place, from the comfort of your online account. 

    tx connect

    Confidence in your data

    Embedded quality checks​


    Cost effective data storage

    Data transparency


    Improve productivity

    Manage multiple projects


    Take Control of Your Research Through a Complete End-to-end Track and Trace system

    How it works

    • Request your staining and histology needs
    • Receive follow-up instructions for sending your samples securely
    • Track project progress from your online client profile
    • Access your online images the moment they are digitized

    Integrated pathology services

    • Digital track and trace system for accuracy and reduced human error​
    • Easily monitor how many samples have made it through which phase of processing​
    • Allocate resources and coordinate your research more accurately with study overviews and streamlined reporting

    Proactive project status

    • Follow your project through every step of the process​
    • Transparent data access throughout your entire request​
    • Built in email notification process for up-to-date communication of study progress​
    • Customer dashboard with overview of studies and easy to read progress bars


    We transform your tissue images into knowledge and useable insights with expert analysis on digitzied images supported by AI.

    The V-Connect viewer is designed to organize and accelerate your histopathological assessment through dynamic and thoughtfully designed features:

    • Direct data connection to Tx-Connect workflow
    • Fast and synoptic reporting system integrated directly into in-house LIS (Tx-Connect)
    • Toxicity-integrated INHAND scoring system
    • Enhanced quality assurance through digital standardization.
    v connect


    Connected-Pathology offers customized packages to suit your project needs. With multiple entry and exit points you only pay for exactly what you need to streamline and enhance your project with a validated workflow.

    Our expertise covers the entire pathology assessment process and supports your project from start to finish.

    Learn about our pathology assessment and digital laboratory solutions that complement data sciences services, or contact us to get a customized offer.

    Pathology Assessments

    • Certified in-house veterinary pathologists​
    • Human pathologists
    • Reporting
    • Clinical relevance consulting

    (Digital) Laboratory Services

    • Central lab services for global sample collection, processing, and logistics
    • Broad portfolio of analyses available
    • Specialty assays and custom options

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