Clinical Pathology Services

With in-house clinical experts, Connected-Pathology provides ongoing support and guidance in achieving the most relevant results for your project.

Guidance and support for your clinical practice

Enhance your laboratory capabilities

Drawing upon decades of clinical experience and a range of subspecialties, our pathologists can provide the right expertise for your projects when facing overcapacity.

Pathology services that work for you:

Our clinical pathology services are flexible and customizable. Only pay for the options you need, when you need them. With streamlined communication channels it’s easy to opt-in and out of services on all stages of your diagnostics.

Our Services

Over Capacity

Decrease turnaround times or increase your laboratory capabilities with Connected-Pathology’s clinical services. Our expertise provides a pool of both broad and highly specialized, niche expertise in conjunction with long and short-term support options. Connected-Pathology prioritizes scientific integrity and cost-effectiveness under regulatory compliances and will help you meet your in-house SLA times.

how digital pathology works

Peer Review

Improve the quality and reliability of your data with Connected-Pathology’s simplified peer review services.  No matter your location Connected-Pathology can provide timely review services including the following: 

  • Tissue slides 
  • Histopathology data 
  • Pathology narrative 
  • Mortality (cause of death) 
  • Gross pathology data 
  • Clinical pathology data 
  • Organ and Body weight data 

    Centralize your specimens and data

    Our clinical pathology offerings keep your research and diagnostics running smoothly with our long- and short-term archiving options, as well as easy recall of raw images and analysis results. Our experts can also help you transition into using a digital workflow, freeing up time and resources for effective collaborations.

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