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With a preclinical focus, C-Path’s conventional and AI driven (digital) pathology services will get you the meaningful results you strive for.

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C-Path Services

Connect customization to automation for reliable, high quality and cost effective analyses.

Our preclinical and clinical pathology experts use state-of-the-art methods supported by digital technology and artificial intelligence across human, animal, cytological and molecular samples.

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General Pathology

  • Conventional histology:
    H&E, Sirius Red
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Immunofluorescence
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Cytology & Molecular Pathology

  • Analysis of in vitro cultures:
    Ranging from cell lines to organoids
  • Molecular Pathology:
    Next Generation Sequencing
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Preclinical Safety and Efficacy

Pathological assessment of toleration safety studies and preclinical efficacy

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Quality Control

Second opinion pathology, verification and spot-check

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Laboratory Animal Pathology

Pathology support on animal models including rodent, dog, minipigs, zebrafish, and other species.

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Digital Pathology and AI Pathology

  • Quantitative pathology using digital tools for animal models of disease
  • Analysis of fibrosis + IHC endpoint quantitative analysis
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Data Management

  • Sample tracking
  • Cloud storage
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Clinical Consulting & Research Support

Expert advice for steering research to success

(Pre)Clinical Pathology Experts

With our network of highly dedicated human and veterinary board certified pathologists, we can tackle any type of sample and any type of scientific or medical question.

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Next generation approach

Our strength comes from uniting traditional and innovative methods in a single place.

Histopathology has been an effective bridge between the preclinical, clinical and in-use stages of drug development. However, marrying such traditional methods with the ones centered on molecular targets for pharmaceutical agents defines the new era of pathology. Genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and morphology come together to pave the way for personalized treatments and global solutions.



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Digitalization in pathology is not the future. It is the now.

Pathologists are scarce resources. Making the best use of their available time is crucial. We take digital pathology to the next level; beyond digital and high resolution processing of slides. Our routine workflows of pathological evaluations like object and feature detection/ measurement as well as cell counting are supported by smart and validated algorithms. This enables the specialists to focus on meaningful outcomes.

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Wim Tiest, Digital Expert

Already Connected

Our previous customers say it all for us. Their success is our pride.

We walk together with and stay connected to our customers from early to late stages of their drug development process.

We were in need for a fast and reliable pathology provider for our polycystic kidney disease platform, which we found in C-Path. They deliver excellent histological services and direct digitalization of images. Thanks to the close collaboration between InnoSer and C-Path, we are able to provide trustworthy pathological assessment of tissue samples for our customers.

Laura Blockken

Study Director Nephrology, InnoSer

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